How to protect your curious cat

How to protect your curious cat

When your cat is too curious, bad things can happen! Cats are curious by nature; they want to be everywhere and see everything. They hate closed doors and always want to know what you’re doing.  Never fear though! If you’re wondering how to protect your curious cat, we’ve got tips.

Cabinet Doors

To keep your cats out of cabinets they shouldn’t be in (under the sinks, for example) use child-proof locks.  We have done this and it will in fact keep your kitties from opening cabinet doors and checking out all the cleaning supplies.


You can use a boundary spray (available in our store) to deter a cat’s interest in your houseplants. There are several houseplants that are toxic to cats, so it’s best to keep the cats away from your greenery.  Also, be sure to use decorative rocks on top of the soil in your pots. This will prevent your cat from digging in the plant.


To protect your curious cat from the dangers of falling in toilets, simply keep the lids closed at all times. If people in your home have trouble remembering this, you can write it on the inside of the toilet lid with a dry-erase marker.


Our cats have no fear of counters, but they are wary of stoves after running across hot burners on occasion. The best way to protect your curious cat here to keep them off the counters. You can use foil, double-sided tape, etc. to teach them that counters are not a fun place to be. BUT, you have a cat. Cats like to climb and jump and be up high. They are also quite stubborn. So, keeping your cat off the counters may prove difficult.

If you’re finding it hard to keep cats off the counters, you can do the following:

First, train your cat to sit in one spot on the counter, using treats. A dish towel, for example, can be a great spot from which kitties can observe what you’re doing.

Then, be extra vigilant when the stove is hot. If we’ve cooked and have an empty pot or skillet, we fill it with water and put it back on the hot burner. This prevents the cats from getting burned and saves us a little bit of stress too.

Distract with Toys

If cats have their favorite toys around they won’t be as curious about what you’re doing. Try catnip toys, balls to chase, etc until you find a toy that your cat is crazy about. Need help? Come in and see us!