Fall Pet Care

Fall Pet Care

Fall is truly a magical time of year! Enjoyable weather, holidays, colorful leaves, but also potential hazards to your pets to be aware of. Some of these risks that can affect your lovable pets may not have crossed your mind. Never fear; we’ve got you covered!


The first example of a hazard is candy and chocolate. These two delicious human treats are so dangerous for pets. Ingesting chocolate and candy can make pets extremely sick because they cannot digest the food properly like we do. It is so crucial to keep these things that are toxic to our furry friends away from their reach.

Candles and incense

Many strong fall-scented candles and incense are used in most homes, but what people do not know is that these products, when used, are poisonous for our pets. Most candles are made with synthetic oils that are very toxic. Burning candles and incense can hurt your pet’s respiratory systems and increase the risk of asthma. Since you have to light candles, pets like cats can knock them over or burn themselves. Instead, buy candles with soy or switch to a flameless candle that you can plug in. Instead of incense, find some natural essential oils to pour into a diffuser.

Autumn Sickness

It is always good to note that pets can become sick in the colder months. They can develop colds from moisture in the grass and leaves that create bacteria, making our furry friends sick. Seasonal allergies, like dust and mold, can make their allergies miserable. So be mindful and check in on your pets, looking for any symptoms that are out of the ordinary.


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