Natural Pet Foods

All Natural Dog & Cat Foods

J&M Aquatics and Pet Center features pet foods that are all natural and made from real ingredients.

Raw Frozen Food

J&M Aquatics and Pet Center stocks a wide variety of raw frozen foods like Stella & Chewy , Bravo, Natures Variety, Tuckers, Natures Logic, Primal and K9 Naturals. We can also special order many other brands. If you’re interested in learning more about raw frozen foods, check out the links below.

Dry Grain Free Food

We also carry Grain-Free brands like Blue Buffalo Freedom & Wildnerness, Earthborn, Merrick and Wellness brand dog food.

Many pet owners are choosing to focus more on grain-free foods for their pets in order to better mimic the natural diet of a dog’s ancestors and to protect against pet allergies. For more information, visit the link below.

Best Treats

What dog doesn’t love a great treat? Find good, healthy treats for your pet can sometimes be a challenge. We carry brands like Plato Pet Treats that feature vitamins like ginkgo biloba to help keep your pet smart and active.

We all know that our cats like to get treats as much as our dogs do. Choosing when and why to give treats can sometimes be confusing. So, for tips on the pros and cons of cat treats, stop by the store and chat with us!

All Natural Foods (small pets)

J&M Aquatics and Pet Center features pet foods that are all natural and made from real ingredients.

Rabbits, Hamsters & Other Furry Friends

J&M Aquatics and Pet Center can help you find the perfect small furry pet for you or someone in your family! We also carry supplies like cages, toys, foods and cage lining materials for rabbits, hamsters, mice, gerbils and more.

For most small pets, the best way to get a balanced diet is to use a variety of foods including pellets and loose seed mixes. If you use just a seed mix often gerbils or hamsters will pick out their favorites and leave the rest behind, thus missing out on important nutrients. Pellets are nutritionally balanced. Using a combination ensures both nutrition and variety for your small pets.

Snakes, Iguanas & More!

The diets of reptiles and amphibians vary greatly from carnivorous pets to those that only eat plants. Whether you’ve got a turtle who likes to munch on lettuce or a snake that enjoys a meatier diet, most will need supplements or additional nutrients. We stock a wide variety of Exo-Terra nutrition options for tortoises, iguanas, and more.

For those of you with a love of cold-blooded creatures, stop in to check out our selection of snakes, iguanas and other reptiles and amphibians.


If birds are your thing, we can help with that too! We have a large selection of parrots, canaries and other common pet birds. We also stock cages, cage liners, toys and treats for birds.

Like gerbils and hamsters, seed-eating birds have a habit of choosing their favorites and leaving the rest of a seed mix resting in their bowl. For this reason it is important to provide variety to birds in order to ensure that they receive all the nutrients they need.