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Fri 23, Oct, 2020
Underwater scene. Fall cleaning checklist for your aquarium
Fall Cleaning Checklist for your aquarium

Just like spring cleaning with your home, it’s good to have a certain time of the year to do a quick check of all things related to your fish tank. The list we’ve included below is mostly for marine tanks, but many of the same concepts and ideas can be used for checking and cleaning your freshwater tank too.  Use this fall cleaning checklist for your aquarium as a guide to keeping your fish and aquatic plants happy and healthy.  First, test your water parameters. We have a few blogs on specific levels for pH, nitrogen, etc. and you can […]

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Wed 14, Oct, 2020
Reasons to adopt a pet
Fall Hikes with your Dogs

We love hiking in the fall for so many reasons. The leaves are beautiful, the temperatures are cooler, and everything just looks lovely.  Taking fall hikes with your dogs is a great way to get both you and them some fresh air and exercise. We’ve got five tips to make fall hikes with your dogs even better. First, if you’re hiking in the woods on public land, or even on private land this time of year, make sure your dog has an orange, pink, or bright collar and vest.  We certainly don’t want your pup mistaken for a deer by […]

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Wed 14, Oct, 2020
Coloring Contest

We’re excited to announce a 2020 Halloween Coloring Contest! You can pick up a copy of the picture in the store, or download it here and print it yourself. The contest is until October 31st and the kids will be grouped into two ages. 3-6 and 7-12. There will be a prize for each age group.  We’ll announce the winners on our Facebook page, so be sure to watch there for more information! Click the image to open a larger pdf version for printing.

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Thu 24, Sep, 2020
pets and camping labrador
Pets and Camping

Though for many camping season is over, for a lot of us it’s still going strong! There’s at least another month of great camping to be had in the mountains, and after that the southwest and southern states are fair game. For that reason we want to take a few minutes to write about pets and camping. Many campers are now bringing along not only their dogs, but also their cats and there are some important things to keep in mind when camping with your furry friends. Before you go Make sure your pets are up-to-date on any shots they […]

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Thu 10, Sep, 2020
Reef Aquarium Set Up and Maintenance
Reef Aquarium Set up and Maintenance

We’ve got 3 great videos for you this week on Reef Aquarium Set up and Maintenance. The folks at Fluval make great aquarium products and produce excellent videos on how to use those products and care for the fish you purchase. Below we’ve included 2 Fluval videos. The first is on setting up a saltwater tank.  It includes information on all the basics, from where you place the tank to the right water to use. Video #2 in our series on reef aquarium set up and maintenance focuses on water care for your saltwater tanks. This video from Fluval discusses […]

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Mon 31, Aug, 2020
plants that are toxic to cats
Plants that are toxic for pets

The idea for our blog on plants that are toxic to pets came from an actual event. Not long ago some friends came to visit and brought us a lovely houseplant. The entire time the guests were here, our cats were very interested in the plant. They sniffed at it, wandered around it, and generally seemed quite fascinated by it! Fortunately they didn’t try to eat it. After the guess left I looked up whether this plant was kitty safe and it turns out, it wasn’t. While an aloe plant probably won’t kill your cat, it can cause vomiting, tremors, […]

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