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Thu 25, Mar, 2021
Are my cats fighting or playing?

Have you ever seen your cats rolling around on the floor and thought, “Are my cats fighting or playing?” I had this experience just this morning in fact. One cat attacked the other at their food bowls. This is a big no-no because even if they’re playing it’s not cool to attack another cat while it’s eating; it can seem like bullying. The cat being attacked was making her, “leave me alone” noise and we stepped in to distract them. However, right after this they started play fighting. Here are some ways to tell whether your cats or fighting or […]

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Sun 21, Mar, 2021
java moss
Beginner plants for aquariums

Plants are beneficial for freshwater aquariums for many reasons. They can help add oxygen to your water while taking in carbon dioxide, they provide filtration and give your fish a fun place to hide and play. They’re also quite beautiful and can truly take a tank from plain to WOW! If you’re new to aquatic plants, here are 5 beginner plants for aquariums to check out. Java Moss Java Moss is a very hard aquatic plant. It will adhere to almost anything, from rocks to driftwood, and you can even use it to create a “moss carpet” to use as […]

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Sat 27, Feb, 2021
Top Toys for your puppy
Top toy ideas for your puppy

With a new puppy comes much…chewing! Puppies are so adorable and so much fun, but they need the right toys to keep them occupied and away from your shoes and furniture legs as they teethe and grow. We’ve listed 5 great options for puppy toys below. CHEWS – Redbarn has a huge variety of chews of all kinds, from cow years to ham bones and deer antlers, to keep your puppy entertained and happily chewing away on something that isn’t your Nikes.               TOYS – Rope toys and Kong chew toys are other great […]

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Sat 20, Feb, 2021
Neon Tetras
Facts about Neon Tetras

Neon tetras are a popular addition to many community fish tanks. They are a peaceful fish and are easy to care for. This makes them a great option for beginners who are just starting out with a fish tank hobby. Tetras enjoy staying in a pack. They do best with 5-7 other tetras to “gang up” with if they feel threatened. Adding plants to the tank will also help tetras feel safer from larger fish. Because Neon Tetras are used to living in the Amazon River basin, they prefer a water temp of between 75-85 degrees; you can do a […]

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Wed 27, Jan, 2021
Top Plants for Betta Fish Tanks

Betta fish love the addition of plants in their aquariums. They not only help to purify the water, but they provide a fun and enriching environment for your fish. PLUS they look great. Below are some easy-to-care for plants for your Betta Fish Tanks. Moss Balls Moss Balls are one of my favorite plants. I just love the look of them. They make great places for fish to hide behind and swim around and they’re just…cool looking! Place them in parts of your tank that don’t get as much light and voila! That’s it! Java Fern Java Fern is great […]

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Sat 23, Jan, 2021
benefits of catnip
Extra Benefits of Catnip for your Cat

The benefits of catnip, we often assume as pet owners, are a lovely euphoric feeling for our feline friends. When I spray toys with a catnip spray or add dried catnip to puzzles and other items for our cats, they stop whatever they’re doing and come running. They’ll lovingly lick their toys and roll around with them, rubbing their faces with the catnip-laced Yeeeoooow banana for at least half an hour. It’s all just a fun thing for them right? Wrong! According to a new study described in this NYTimes article your cat isn’t just enjoying a high, it’s protecting […]

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