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Tue 15, Nov, 2022
Flea and Tick Control: Not just a summer problem

 Fleas and ticks don’t just cause uncomfortable itching for your dogs and cats; ticks in particular can cause serious diseases like Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.  Even out here in the desert we have fleas (from the prairie dogs) and ticks, so it’s best to protect both your yard and your pet from disease causing insects like these.  And yes, fleas CAN survive inside during winter months, so use these tips to protect you and your pet year-round. For your yard, try to find an eco-friendly spray that will kill fleas and ticks.  Make sure that the spray […]

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Thu 13, Oct, 2022
How to introduce cats to each other
How To Introduce Cats to Each Other

When we decided to adopt cats, we knew we wanted two. They can play together and comfort each other when we’re away. To accomplish this, we did the easy thing and adopted a pair of sisters who had already been sharing space together at the store. We knew they got along and loved each other! However, if you have had a solitary cat and are adding a new kitty, or are adopting two cats who don’t know each other that well, follow our tips below on how to introduce cats to each other. Some kitty should always be under control. […]

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Wed 14, Sep, 2022
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4 common behaviors you want to STOP

Even the best dog trainers don’t start out with perfect pets. Training a dog takes time and effort and with the four items mentioned below, sometimes it even takes extra equipment! First, if your dog is snooping in the garbage or getting into rooms he shouldn’t be in, there are a few possible easy fixes.  Try using a gate to keep the dog out of “off limits” rooms.  Try moving the trash can to a harder-to-reach place like under the sink or in a pantry closet with a secure door. If neither of those options works, you can try an […]

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Mon 29, Aug, 2022
Community Tank Inspiration
How do I control algae in my aquarium?

  •I have a lot of algae in my aquarium. What can I do to control it? First, know that algae is necessary for your aquarium and will always be present. Algae have several benefits: 1. Algae provide food for many animals in your aquarium; they provide nutrients and fiber. 2. Algae provide oxygen to the water and take up carbon dioxide. 3. It absorbs nitrates which are the final product of the nitrogen cycle. The nitrogen cycle is an important biological function and filtration process that occurs in the closed system of an aquarium. There are several colors of […]

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Fri 12, Aug, 2022
tips for removing pet odors and stains
Tips for Finding a Pet Sitter

Finding a pet sitter can be a daunting task; it’s almost as nerve-wracking as finding a baby sitter! You want to know that when you’re gone Fido and Mr. Whiskers are well taken care of. We totally get that! So, we’ve got a few tips for finding a pet sitter. 1. Ask your friends. Obviously the best place to go for advice is to your friends! Find out who your friends and co-workers use for pet sitting. Chances are if they like someone that person will at least be a starting point for you. 2. Ask on Facebook. Put the […]

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