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Tue 29, Dec, 2020
What to get your new pet
What to buy for your new pet

2020 was the year of the pet, according to various news articles. If you’re one of the lucky families who adopted a new pet this year, congrats! Pets bring all sorts of joy and comfort and fun into your life! They’re entertaining, give kids a sense of responsibility, and give adults something to take care of. Sometimes when we’re all feeling like there’s nothing to do and nothing to look forward to, a pet can make a huge difference! Now that you’ve adopted a new pet, you need to think of what to buy for your new pet. Each pet […]

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Wed 16, Dec, 2020
Aquarium Kits On Sale
Aquarium Kits for Christmas

Considering an aquarium kit for your kids or spouse for Christmas? We’ve got a huge assortment on sale right now! Betta kits are in stock starting at $11.99! Marina Freshwater Aquariums 5-25 gallons, starting at $49.99 Fluval Roma 55 gallon kit, pre-drilled on sale for $799.99! Save $100!  Fluval EBI Shrimp Kit for $99.99!     Fluval Flora Plant Kit 14.5 gallon with CO system! On sale $169.99. Save $20!  Fluval Flex 32.5 Gallon on sale $369.99! Save $70!      Fluval Spec 2.6 gallon aquarium $79.99!  Fluval Spec 16 gallon $179.99; save $20!  Fluval Sea 13.5 gallon saltwater kit […]

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Wed 25, Nov, 2020
Black Friday Specials!

Black Friday Specials! Good Friday and Saturday only! We have ONE LX igloo dog house regular 179.99 sale $129.99 1-critter trail hamster cage 29.99 save 10.00 2- Christmas stocking buy 1 get 1 FREE 3- all other Christmas toys buy 1 get 1 FREE huge assortment to choose from, free toy is of equal or lesser value. 4-Old Mother Hubbard 6lb assorted biscuits & 6lb peanut biscuits sale $14.99 save $7.00 5-sleep zone cozy pet bed sale $24.99 save $15.00 (pictured) 6-dmc gusseted dog bed 42/32 $39.99 save $50.00 (pictured) 7-dmc dog bed 40/30 sale $29.99 save $20.00 (pictured) 8-exoterra […]

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Thu 12, Nov, 2020
cats and hairballs
Cats and Hairball Prevention

Let’s face it: there may be no more awful pet sound than that of a cat throwing up a hairball. I always feel so terrible for my poor cat after that happens! She looks pitiful for a few minutes and then walks away like nothing ever happened!  So how can you deal with cats and hairball prevention? There are several things that might help! First, make sure you brush your cat every day and, during high shedding seasons, twice a day. Our cat loves a brush/glove, but the Furminator is a great option too, especially for long-haired cats and those […]

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Fri 23, Oct, 2020
Underwater scene. Fall cleaning checklist for your aquarium
Fall Cleaning Checklist for your aquarium

Just like spring cleaning with your home, it’s good to have a certain time of the year to do a quick check of all things related to your fish tank. The list we’ve included below is mostly for marine tanks, but many of the same concepts and ideas can be used for checking and cleaning your freshwater tank too.  Use this fall cleaning checklist for your aquarium as a guide to keeping your fish and aquatic plants happy and healthy.  First, test your water parameters. We have a few blogs on specific levels for pH, nitrogen, etc. and you can […]

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Wed 14, Oct, 2020
Reasons to adopt a pet
Fall Hikes with your Dogs

We love hiking in the fall for so many reasons. The leaves are beautiful, the temperatures are cooler, and everything just looks lovely.  Taking fall hikes with your dogs is a great way to get both you and them some fresh air and exercise. We’ve got five tips to make fall hikes with your dogs even better. First, if you’re hiking in the woods on public land, or even on private land this time of year, make sure your dog has an orange, pink, or bright collar and vest.  We certainly don’t want your pup mistaken for a deer by […]

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