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Thu 21, Oct, 2021
Pumpkin Dog Treats
Pumpkin Dog Treats for your Pup

  Primal Pet Foods is back with their seasonal Pumpkin Dog Treats “Pup’kin Spice Latte” and we wanted to share the recipe with you here too! We have Primal Goat’s milk in stock and the squash toppers too! 2 Parts Awesome Squash Fresh Topper 1 Part Pumpkin Spice Goat Milk+ Dog-friendly Whipped Cream (Optional) Cinnamon Blend up the squash topper and the goat milk, top with cinnamon and whipped cream (if using) and give your pup a delicious fall treat! Pumpkin is a great treat for your dog anyway, even when it’s not fall. According to ack.org, if your dog is experiencing […]

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Tue 05, Oct, 2021
Plants poisonous to pets
Protect your pet from plants

Protect Your Pet from Plants: Keeping up with the latest trends? If so, you might have gotten on board with the newest houseplant fad! While houseplants are a fun way to reconnect with nature and add some color to your home, they can also be potentially dangerous for your pets.  We’ve got some tips on how to protect your pet from plants that are poisonous to them. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind: Place plants out of reach of pets, like on a bookcase or window sill or keep them in a locked room that your pets […]

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Fri 03, Sep, 2021
Facts about Gouramis

Gouramis are a great freshwater tropical fish to add to your aquarium. If you’re looking for new tropical fish, stop in and see us. We can help you find the right fish, Gourami or other, for your tanks! Gourami are a peaceful fish suitable for community tanks. They’re undemanding and will get along well with other community fish like tetras, plecos, rasboras and danios. Gourami are originally from Southern Asia.  They are a freshwater tropical fish. When setting up a tank for Gouramis, know that they will do best in water between 74-79 degrees F. The water’s pH level should […]

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Mon 30, Aug, 2021
How to Clip Your Cat's Nails
How to Clip Your Cat’s Nails

Cats are great at grooming themselves and, for the most part, only need your help with a few things like brushing and occasionally clipping their nails. Sometimes, especially if you’ve adopted an older cat, it’s best to let a veterinarian or professional groomer clip their nails.  They may not be used to having this done and could scratch or bite you. However, if your cat is very docile and trusting or you start this habit when they’re young, you’ll find it’s not that difficult to clip your cat’s nails. First, you’ll need a pair of cat nail clippers like the […]

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Sat 21, Aug, 2021
Facts about loaches
Five Facts About Loaches

For tropical fish enthusiasts learning about new fish to add to a tank is exciting! It’s best to truly understand the fish you’re purchasing in order to ensure their happiness in your tank. Keep reading for five facts about loaches, August’s Fish of the Month! First, loaches are usually scavengers. They hunt around on theh bottom of the aquarium for tidbits left behind by other fish. This means they’re bottom dwellers. Remember, some fish are bottom dwellers, some live in the middle of your tank, and some tend to hang out near the top. Next, loaches prefer to be in […]

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Thu 29, Jul, 2021
Five reasons to choose small pet
Five Reasons to Get a Small Pet

If your child has been begging for a guinea pig or hamster we say go for it! Small pets are great options and we’ve got 5 reasons why. First, small pets teach responsibility. You knew we’d include that! They’re easier to take care of than a larger animal like a dog or cat, but they still need food, water, and a clean place to sleep and play.  Next, small pets are entertaining.  Hamsters and gerbils will make tunnels, chew toilet paper rolls, and chase each other around. Guinea pigs and rabbits can be let out to roam around the yard […]

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