Aquariums in Grand Junction

Custom Aquarium Installation

J&M Aquatics and Pet Center is THE place to find aquariums in Grand Junction for your home or office. We stock a huge variety of tanks, accessories, filters, lights, and more.

Our team of Pet Professionals is here to help you with all of your aquarium needs, from tanks to tropical fish too!

– Aquarium Delivery, Setup & Maintenance
– Custom – Aquariums Design & Installation
– Moving Aquariums
– Water Testing & Consultation

♦ Canister Filters
♦ Power Filters
♦ Protein Skimmers
♦ Wet/ Dry Filters Refugiums
… and the pumps to run them.

Fluval Premium Freshwater Aquariums

We proudly stock a wide variety of Fluval Aquariums and aquarium furniture. Be sure to check out their video of the styles and types of aquariums they design. Between their videos and our Pet Professionals, you’ll find plenty of help for your Grand Junction Aquarium needs.