Grand Junction Pets Information

Grand Junction Pets Information

At J&M Aquatics and Pet Center, we consider ourselves the “pet professionals.” We stock a wide variety of tropical fish and aquarium supplies, and an equally large selection of dog and cat foods, supplies, and toys. Along with those, we usually have reptiles, amphibians, and tarantulas for sale. We provide adoption opportunities for cats from CLAWS and Roice-Hurst too. What we want to be known most for, though, is providing you with Grand Junction Pets information. For instance, if you live nearby and need information on CBD benefits for pets, we want to provide you with that.

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Our blog has a wide selection of articles about cats and dogs, from the types of foods that are best, to toys that are great for them too. You can learn about the benefits of pumpkin for pets or about cats and hairballs.   In a nutshell: pumpkin provides fiber for your pets and can even help to prevent hairballs in cats!

Dog Safety

We provide a wealth of information related to summer activities, like dogs and water safety and also how to keep your dog safe in summer.  These blog posts go well together.  When boating or playing in lakes or rivers with your pet, it’s important to make sure they’re wearing a life vest. Equally important is knowing that the water you’re in is safe for your pet. This past summer several dogs were killed by bacteria in the lakes they were playing in. Make sure the water is moving, not stagnant, and that you don’t see any algae forming around the edges.  If you notice an odd smell, don’t let your pet in the water!

Cats and Cat Boredom

Our selection of articles on cat boredom is lengthy because, well, cats get bored easily! The best way to solve cat boredom is with another cat. Cats will then play together and won’t be inclined to destroy your furniture as often. Even so, another great solution for cat boredom are Yeow Catnip toys or a small ball (the size of a large marble) made out of aluminum foil. They’ll chase that for hours!

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Raw Foods for Dogs and Raw Foods for Cats

We do pride ourselves on being pet experts when it comes to food. We believe in the benefits of a raw food diet for dogs and cats for instance. A diet that is more in keeping with their ancestral one is a way to keep our pets healthy.  We do believe there are benefits to adding lentils, pumpkin, peas, sweet potato, etc to foods because those provide valuable nutrients. But we don’t believe that grains and fillers are necessary.

Tropical Fish in Grand Junction

Finally, check out some of our articles on Tropical Fish. As fish experts we pride ourselves on providing you not only with quality saltwater and freshwater tropical fish, but also with expertise about filters, lighting, aquascaping, and outdoor ponds.  You can learn from us how to care for betta fish or how to set up your first freshwater aquarium. 

Aquariums take much time and patience.  What used to seem like just adding some water and fish now involves looking at pH levels, nitrates, etc. You also need to think about water flow and lighting. Fortunately, there are great products out there by companies like CaribSea, SeaChem, and Fluval that can make all of that easy! We’re here to help you find those products and learn to use them.

As your Grand Junction Pets Information source, we want you to know you’re always welcome to message us on Facebook, call us, or stop in the store to ask us questions about your products and your pets. J&M Aquatics and Pet Center’s employees are “the pet professionals!”