Live Aquatic Plants

Live Aquatic Plants J&M Aquatics and Pet Center stocks a variety of live aquatic plants for your home or office aquariums.  Adding plants to an aquarium is not only visually appealing, but it also is useful for your fish. These plants can help to simulate your fish’s environments, whether that’s freshwater fish used to being in a river or lake environment, or saltwater fish used to corals and plants in their home territories.  Live aquatic plants provide shelter for those fish that enjoy hiding and help to keep fish stress levels low.

Our live plants are shipped from places like  We order and receive plants almost weekly, so we’ve always got a healthy supply for you to choose from. These plants include many of the ones you see in the gallery below, like varities of vallisneria, baby tears, java moss, bacopa, and ludwigia.

Read an excerpt from our blog post on Aquascaping:

When starting a planted tank it’s important to consider filtration, CO2 levels for photosynthesis, flooring or substrate, fertilization, lighting and algae control.  If you’re interested in starting one, come by the store. We’ve got all the filters, lighting options, tanks and plants that you’ll need for a successful aquascaping adventure! The following styles of aquascaping seem to be the most popular these days, though you can certainly create your own or google to find other ideas.

The Dutch style focuses on lots of plants with different types of leaves (broadleaf, narrowleaf, reds and greens, etc.  This style uses terraces to provide layers and has almost no hardscaping. 

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