Monthly Specials

Monthly Specials

Check out some of our monthly specials for November! For more specials follow us on Facebook and make sure to stop in and see us! We’ve got lots of in-store specials available. Want to get our specials in your inbox? Subscribe to our newsletter. 

November 2021 Specials


ON SALE this week!
👉 RED Pure Tank, w/ built in filter, heater, led light etc, & stand is on sale for 259.99 (save $210.00)
👉 BLACK Pure Tank w/bulit in filter , heater, led light etc w/stand is on sale for 299.99 (save 260.00(
👉 WHITE Pure Tank w/bulit in heater filter , led light etc, is on sale for 299.99 (save 260.00(

We have TWO of the Black ones, TWO of the White ones, and only ONE of the red ones! Get them before they’re gone! What a great Christmas gift this could make…



Pick up ingredients for a Pup-kin spice latte for your sweet puppies this Thanksgiving!