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Here are some of the latest blog post for the pet care.

Dog, holiday bow
09 Dec

Holiday gift ideas

It’s the holiday season and we know you’re stressing over gifts for everyone from your mom to your dog.  Here are some ideas to help you not only find gifts for your pets, but for others in your family too! Of course pet gifts are easiest at a pet supply store.  We’ve got dog beds, new dog toys, slo-bowls for those dogs who like to eat too fast, new winter jackets or shoes, doggie backpacks, and new water bowls too. For cats, a new scratching post or place to climb is always welcome.  Cats get bored too and so finding […]

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Glofish varieties
08 Apr

From Tetra: All about GloFish

Did you know GloFish weren’t created just to be colorful additions to you aquarium? According to Tetra’s April newsletter, “Originally, GloFish® were bred to help detect polluted waters in water systems to prevent the public from getting sick. The first step in developing a pollution-detecting fish was to create fish that would be fluorescent all the time. By adding a naturally derived protein gene to give them their fluorescent color, scientists hoped to use GloFish® to make it easier to quickly identify contaminated waterways.” Want to know how to best show off your Glofish? Click here to continue reading!

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aquarium, fish, sump pump
17 Mar

What is a sump pump and how can it help your reef aquarium?

Sump systems can be a great way to declutter your reef aquarium while also providing a great filtration system. A sump system exists below your aquarium (underneath the aquarium in a cabinet or even beside the aquarium) and can house all of your filtration equipment.  Other benefits of a sump system include: Water aeration Waste dilution Healthy water Keeping the surface clean of contaminates Creating less clutter Water level stability For more information on sumps and how they work, stop by and see us at 2851 North Avenue in Grand Junction OR check out the links below:

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tropical garden waterfall example
05 Mar

From Tetra: The Greener Side of Ponds

The ‘Greener’ Side of Ponds: Environmental Benefits of Owning a Pond There’s no doubt the primary driver for homeowners to add a pond to their landscape is to create a place of beauty and relaxation where they can escape this hectic world. Another benefit is increasing their home’s living space by adding an outdoor living room around the water garden. There also seems to be a constant change in energy costs, as well as huge shifts in our nation’s weather patterns. More and more areas of the country are being affected by extended drought conditions, primarily in the western half […]

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discus fish
16 Jan

From Fluval: Discus Fish Care 101

The discus, also known as the king of aquarium fish, have been so intensively bred that the vast array of colours available has become almost dizzying. I have had the great privilege of visiting some of the most impressive discus breeding facilities around, namely Jeffrey and Tony Tan’s Malaysian discus breeding facility. Here, I saw not only a surgically clean breeding facility, but discus of quality that I had only ever dreamed about. For those of us who have some knowledge of the wonderful world of discus, the mere mention of the Aquarama Show in Singapore would quickly equate to […]

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19 Sep

Fluval’s Top 7 Aquarium Decorating Tips

We love Fluval and their products, and we especially love being able to share their information with you!  Check out these great tips for decorating your new aquarium. The event of preparing a new aquarium and building its inner environment is a huge amount of fun for all keepers and enthusiasts. That said, some thought should be given to ensuring the set-up is appropriate for the specimens you plan to keep. Sure, it’s really important you like the decorative aspect of the aquarium, but it is equally important that it satisfies the needs of the fish species that will spend […]

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