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Here are some of the latest blog post for the pet care.

Freshwater Fish Supplies in Grand Junction
31 May

Five Reasons to Get a Fish Tank

Are you trying to convince someone in your life that a fish tank is what you need? We can help! At J&M Aquatics and Pet Center we have LOTS of fish tanks, and many of them are filled with all sorts of fun fish.  Of course we have tanks you can take home and fill with whatever fish or other creatures you might want. So to strengthen your case about getting a fish, read our five reasons to get a fish tank. Variety Variety is the spice of life, right? Well you’ll never be bored with a fish tank! You […]

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14 May

Fluval Stratum Series

Stratum has fast become a top substrate choice of planted aquarium enthusiasts worldwide. Collected from the mineral-rich foothills of Japan’s famous Mount Aso volcano, Stratum contains a powerful mix of nutrients and minerals to stimulate growth for a wide variety of freshwater aquatic plants, while helping to maintain ideal water conditions for their overall health. Learn more about our tropical fish and aquarium services here. 

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27 Apr

Allergies in Dogs

If your dog asks for a “belly scratchin” and you see she’s covered in red hives, she probably has an allergy. While it may seem funny to think of allergies in dogs, it’s not uncommon at all. Allergies are just the immune system overreacting to some substance.  Most allergens are proteins from plants, animals, foods and insects. Symptoms Different allergens produce different symptoms in your pets. A common symptom of allergies in dogs is itching, either in one spot or all over. If your dog seems to be chewing on her paws frequently or scratching more than normal, it could […]

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11 Mar

What is My Cat Trying to Tell Me?

If you’ve often asked yourself, “what is my cat trying to tell me” you’re not alone. If you’ve said to your cat, “What are you trying to tell me” you’re also not alone! I know because I do it on a daily basis. However, if you’re close to your pets, you know they do talk to you.  They try their best to communicate with you through sounds, actions, and even where they sit or lie down.  So, for all of those out there asking that question of what is my cat trying to tell me, we have a few suggestions. […]

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23 Feb

Rainbow Cichlids

Check out the latest video from Fluval, all about Rainbow Cichlids Aquatics expert Tom Sarac provides an in-depth overview of a beautiful Central American species – Rainbow Cichlids! Found on the slow-moving banks of streams and lakes in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and eastern Honduras, the Rainbow Cichlid is a stunning fish suitable for a variety of community aquariums. A hardy species, the Rainbow Cichlid tolerates a variety of water parameters, and is an equally unfussy feeder, happily accepting granules and pellets, flakes, frozen and freeze-dried foods, and even live food!   We often have a variety of cichlids in the […]

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10 Feb

Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean

February is pet dental health month.  This is a great time to share with you a few tips on how to keep your dog’s teeth clean. We all know that good pet care involves great food, exercise, and yes, healthy teeth and gums! No one likes yucky dog breath; we’re betting even your dog doesn’t! With a few simple tips you can help keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy. Crunchy foods A good crunchy kibble is a great way to start in caring for your dog’s teeth. Just like apples and carrots help us keep our own teeth healthy […]

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tips for removing pet odors and stains
29 Jan

Tips for Removing Pet Odors and Stains

The folks over at Carpetland Grand Junction, here in Grand Junction, have a great blog post up on Removing Pet Odors and Stains from your carpet.  Along with the information they provided, we have the following quick tips. Puppies When you bring a puppy home, there will be accidents. Know this and be prepared. Try to keep puppies off of carpet when possible until they are house trained, or at least trained to go on a pee pad. Use treats and frequent trips to the door to show your pet the best way to let you know he neesd to […]

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How to Stop Excessive Barking
13 Jan

How to Stop Excessive Barking

If your like many people, the past few years have brought you closer to your pets. While there is nothing wrong with this, it can increase anxiety in your pets when you leave. Separation anxiety is one reason for excessive barking, but there are others. If you’re looking for how to stop excessive barking, check out these five tips. Triggers If certain sounds or motions cause your dog to bark, separate him from those. Close the curtains when traffic is heavy.  Use music to mask unfamiliar noises outside.  If necessary put up a barrier between your dog and the windows/doors […]

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20 Dec

Christmas gifts for Dog Lovers and Aquatics Lovers

If you’re looking for a great gift for the dog lover in your life, or Christmas gifts for aquatics lovers, you’ve come to the right blog post! We’ve got a quick list of great last minute gift ideas for your pet loving friends and family members. Christmas gifts for dog lovers: Colorado Hemp Honey is 20% off right now, and if you’re looking for a great option for a friend with an anxious pet or one who’s getting a little older and stiff, check this out! We’ve got a variety of flavors and even a “double dose” formula available.   […]

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