Pet Food Brands

Pet Food Brands

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Products for Dogs & Cats

Acana Pet Foods

Acana makes Biologically Appropriate™ dog and cat foods from Fresh Regional Ingredients and we make them from start to finish in our very own award-winning kitchens.

Ark Naturals

Ark Naturals is the leading manufacturer of health, remedy and lifestyle solutions for pets from head to tail. For over 16 years, Ark Naturals has provided the most complete line of wellness and remedy products of the highest quality.

Bella Bowls by Loving Pets

Award winning, patented Bella Bowls® are the BEST SELLING BOWL in the pet industry – and for good reason! Functional and beautiful, Bella Bowls are truly the perfect pet dish. Loving Pets brings new life to veterinarian-recommended stainless steel cat bowls and pet feeding dishes by combining a stainless interior with an attractive poly-resin exterior. A removable rubber base prevents skids and spills, eliminates noise, and makes Bella Bowls fully dishwasher safe.

Bio Spot

When a dog or cat enters our lives, a deep bond is created. They’ll love us unconditionally, and in return, we’ll take the best possible care of them. Bio Spot Active Care™ products are here to give pet parents all they need to proactively care for their pets’ health and well-being. Because we know that a healthy and active pet is a happy pet. And happy pets make a happy home.

Blue Buffalo

We love our dogs and cats like family so we want to feed them with the same care as family. That’s why BLUE™ is made with only the finest natural ingredients plus the active nutrients and antioxidants of our exclusive, cold-formed LifeSource® Bits.

Bravo Raw Foods

Raw diet pet food and all-natural treats, bones & chews that provide superior nutrition and promote good health for dogs and cats.

Canidae Pet Foods

CANIDAE® dog and cat food comes in a variety of formulas—all made with the same commitment to your pet’s well being.

Cloud Star

Beginning with Buddy Biscuits, Cloud Star has since expanded to include a wide variety of wholesome and natural dog treats, grooming products, and Wag More Bark Less merchandise. Simple, easy to read ingredient statements resonate with pet parents and thrill dogs with even the most finicky palate, or sensitive skin. Our treats and grooming products are made in the USA, with only first-quality ingredients.

Comfort Zone

Clinically proven to mimic the pheromones secreted by dogs and cats, Comfort Zone® products work with your pet’s instincts to reduce undesirable behavior.

Company of Animals (Baskerville Muzzles)

Not all dogs are angels! Some are unreliable in the company of other dogs, others try to bite postmen or want to eat unmentionable things in the park! Safety must be our primary concern but not at the expense of welfare. The lightweight, basket design of the Baskerville Muzzle gives all-round protection but still allows unrestricted panting and drinking. Your dog feels comfortable and you have the security of being able to decide just what goes into his mouth!

Dave’s Pet Food

Dave’s Pet Food, though now a stand-alone brand, began as a private label for Dave’s chain of pet stores, Dave’s Soda and Pet City. It’s where we got our start, and with the success of these two companies, we have built a pet food family that works together to support the community and build customer trust.

Delca Corp

Do you know what makes your pet happy? We do! We’ve spent more than two decades creating products that you and your pet will love. From exceptional toys to one-of-a-kind treats that are all made entirely in the USA, we’re in the business of keeping tails wagging and pet owners smiling.


Diamond dog and cat food features the highest quality ingredients formulated to enhance health, happiness, appearance and overall performance of your pet—all at an affordable price.


At earthbath, we design all of our products with the health or your fine furred friend in mind. Our pets are our “kids,” our best friends and our cuddly bedmates all rolled into one fun-filled furry package, and we think they deserve only nature’s finest blends of cleansing potions and sumptuous, effective essences.

Earthborn Holistic

Earthborn Holistic® offers a wholesome approach to nutrition with high-quality ingredients that nourish the whole pet. Every holistic pet food formula is designed to offer balanced nutrients that support your pet’s overall health and physical well-being.

Ethical Products

Ethical Products is focused on providing products for dogs and cats. We market products under the SPOT brand, which includes dog and cat toys, dishes, waste management products and other dog and cat accessories. Our Fashion Pet division markets a complete line of dog apparel.


Dr. Fred Evanger began making pet food for his champion Great Danes in the 1930s. Over 75 years later, Evanger’s continues to be the choice of top handlers, breeders, and enthusiasts. Our commitment to using the highest quality wholesome ingredients continues to make us the natural choice of conscientious pet owners.

Ezy Dog

Backpacks, bowls, coats, collars, harnesses, car restraints, leashes, life jackets, toys AND pet carries for your favorite pooch.

Four Paws

Solutions from wet nose to wagging tail!

Fromm Family Foods

We introduced the world’s first premium dry pet food in 1949. Today we offer 3 distinctive dog and cat food lines.


Angie and David Porter created the first and only tool to safely, efficiently and comfortably remove a pet’s loose undercoat: the FURminator® deShedding Tool – the most popular, sought-after and beloved shedding solution on the market.

Gobble Stopper

Transform any dog bowl into a slow feeder and put a stop to your dog’s food gulping – with the Gobble Stopper! Unique canopy design forces dogs to eat underneath the bone-shaped obstacle, delivering a smaller surface area from which to eat and thus preventing wide-mouth gulping.

Grannick’s Bitter Apple

Grannick’s Bitter Apple is the original taste deterrent for pets. It was invented by a pharmacist in 1960.


Bring balance to your dog or cat’s intake of fatty acids by adding the correct, long chain Omega-3 fatty acids from salmon. Wild Alaskan Salmon oil supports healthy skin and coat, supports immune systems, is heart-healthy and has a rich flavor that dogs and cats love.


Dogs and cats go crazy for Greenies treats. Help keep your pet happy and healthy with our irresistible taste and health benefits.


We stock Hagen brands, Dog IT and Cat IT dog and cat toys, brushes, automatic watering bowls, dishes and also cat litter and cat pans.

Holistic Select

For over 10 years, Holistic Select® has been creating natural, healthy pet food recipes for dogs and cats. Our commitment to natural nutrition, quality and digestive health guides the creation of all our pet food recipes and supplements. We believe strongly in our philosophy that total body health begins with digestive health for everyone in the family, including our pets.

Homeo Pet

HomeoPet LLC is a family owned business that produces a line of Natural and Homeopathic remedies for animals. HomeoPet products have been clinically proven to be safe and effective, and are the only naturally medicines to be registered with the FDA-CVM in the U.S., APVMA in Australia, VMD in the UK and NZFS in New Zealand.

The Honest Kitchen

Our goal is to ensure your dog and cat is getting the absolute best pet food possible. This happens through the quality of ingredients we use, our careful process of dehydration and our commitment to product quality. Additionally, we’re committed to making our community and planet a better place. All this wrapped up in every Honest Kitchen box!

Instinct (by Nature’s Variety)

Instinct foods are offered in a variety of nutritious choices for your special pet, including Instinct Raw frozen diets, kibble, cans, biscuits, freeze dried raw, and frozen bones. The Instinct brand is the leader in the raw pet food category, making the planet a better place.

K9 Naturals

K9 Natural is revolutionary, New Zealand made pet nutrition. It combines all the natural goodness of fresh whole foods with an absolute commitment to the true nutritional needs of canines.

Koha Pet Foods

Koha Pet FoodsKOHA Means “Gift of Food” – Here’s Why. Clean Recipes – Our KOHA Pet Food recipes include high-quality animal proteins and fresh beneficial ingredients. Our high protein diets contain no fillers. Read our ingredient labels and you will see why KOHA Pet Food is simply the best!


Dogs and their owners choose the original KONG and all of our other favorite toys because they’re fun. KONG toys are the best of the best in quality, originality, variety, safety, and value. Give a dog a KONG. They’ll be the first to show you: it’s not just a toy, it’s a KONG.


It is our mission to make unique products that will keep dogs active and engaged. We have a passion for dogs, and feel that they deserve fun, functional products—products that last longer, challenge their minds, and stimulate their instincts.

LUpine Pet

Since Lupine’s first colorful dog collar in 1990, founders Scott, Valerie and Dave have insisted on building the highest quality collars, leashes and harnesses for dogs and cats. Every item is covered by our Even If Chewed” Lifetime Guarantee. Made in the heart of the White Mountains of New Hampshire, USA, our pet products draw inspiration from the durable components found in climbing and hiking gear, ensuring that you and your pet can count on Lupine collars time and time again.


Mammoth® dog toys are made for all breeds and sizes. They are perfect for interactive playing, tossing and tugging. We want you to have the best quality play time together with your dog.

Merrick Pet Care

Each Merrick Pet Food product is specifically formulated to provide your dog or cat with the best, most nutritious food they can get. Dogs and cats thrive when they’re fed quality protein and healthy fats like the ones in our holistic and natural recipes.

The Missing Link

The Missing Link’s Superfood supplements are available for birds, dogs, cats, horses and small animals. They also have a line of supplements with glucosamine for senior animals and a Puppy Health formula line too.

Natural Balance

Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Pet Foods® was founded in 1989 with the intention of developing the best pet food on the market. We wanted a healthy pet food based on sound scientific principles and truth, not marketing hype. We did it! No matter which of our pet foods you choose, whether our dry or canned varieties; grain-free or limited ingredient pet food; or vegetarian or organic formulas, you can be assured that it is truly The Food For a Lifetime®.

Natural Chemistry

For over 20 years Natural Chemistry has taken great pride in researching and developing technologies that are naturally based for people, pets and the planet. Our original scope of products included gentle enzyme grooming care and home solutions. Now we offer an extensive line of solutions for: Killing fleas, ticks and mites on pets and in their environments Removing odors from pets and around the home Discouraging destructive chewing, licking and biting Calming pets while bathing Soothing skin irritations like hot spots and insect bites Eliminating odors and stains caused by urine, vomit, feces, as well as other non-living organic contamination

Nature’s Logic

Nature’s Logic® pet foods are formulated the way a truly natural diet should be. We never use man-made, chemically-synthesized vitamins, minerals, or amino acids. Nature’s Logic® 100% natural pet foods are made primarily of meats and other high-quality protein sources, combined with carefully selected plant products to naturally provide the essential nutrition your pet needs to thrive.

Nature’s Miracle

Rely on Nature’s Miracle to solve your toughest stain, odor and training problems.

Nature’s Variety

Nature’s Variety Raw Frozen Diets are formulated like the ancestral diet with 95% meat, organs, and raw ground bone, and with wholesome fruits and vegetables. Dogs and cats are meat eaters by nature. A diet consisting primarily of raw meat, organ meats, bone, and fat reflects what your pet would eat in its natural habitat. Since dogs and cats are carnivores by nature, they thrive on a diet rich in nutritious meat.


NaturVet VitaPet Senior Powder is a stress formula especially for the older, lactating, pregnant, or more active dog. Veterinarian recommended and scientifically formulated to supply dogs with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that may be missing in their daily diet. Contains Glucosamine for added joint support.

Nupro Supplements

Since 1989, we have been committed to helping your pets enjoy healthier, happier, longer lives! NUPRO® Supplements are scientifically balanced formulas rich in essential Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Enzymes and Omega Fatty Acids. NUPRO® provides the necessary fresh, raw ingredients, often lacking in cooked and processed foods, with easily digestible whole foods, specially designed to condition your pets from the INSIDE-OUT!


NUTRISCA food and treats are high in protein and super low glycemic. Our complete line of dry food, canned food and raw freeze dried treats is formulated without grains, potatoes, or tapioca starch to deliver premium nutrition for all dogs.


At The Nutro Company, we believe the best natural ingredients make the best natural dog foods. We use real proteins and select only quality ingredients to help your dog live a long, healthy life.


In 1955 the first Nylabone product offering included only hard nylon bone shaped chews. Today, the Nylabone line has GROWN to include multiple sizes, shapes and flavors of chews, as well as pet carriers, plush toys and interactive toys.

Orijen Pet Food

Biologically Appropriate ORIJEN represents a new class of food, designed to nourish dogs and cats according to their evolutionary adaptation to a diet rich and diverse in fresh meat and protein.

Pawsitively Gourmet

A Colorado Company! Pawsitively Gourmet Dog Cookies are made with all natural ingredients like sweet potatoes, eggs and canola oil. They come in great flavors like apple spice, chicken liver and wheat-free pumpkin.


We’re Petcurean, an independent, Canadian-owned family business that’s been around since 1999, producing NOW FRESH™, GO!™ and SUMMIT™ premium pet foods for dogs and cats. Come on in.


Petmate, with its family of brands, is the trusted authority in smart pet care solutions. As the first to provide a safe and comfortable alternative to wooden travel crates, Petmate has gone on to introduce smart solutions for every stage in a pet’s life. At Petmate, we believe in what we do, because we have pets too! Check out all of the other great brands and products in the Petmate family: Bamboo, Fat Cat, Booda, Petmate and Aspen Pet.

Pet Safe

As the largest manufacturer of electronic pet training products in the U.S., we’re devoted to the most innovative research and most advanced designs available today.

Plato Pet Treats

Dogs are omnivores. They’ll eat anything (including things that, to us, shouldn’t be edible). The good thing about veggies – as opposed to, say, your favorite pair of slippers—is how they can contribute to your dog’s health. Especially the veggies in our new Farmers Market pet treats.


J&M Aquatics and Pet Center stocks a variety of Penn-Plax brand dog and cat toys.


Precision Pets manufactures a variety of bedding and crate options for cats and dogs. They also manufacture accessories, like bowls, and other products for small pets.

Primal Pet Foods

By offering your pet Primal Pet Foods raw food formulas, you are providing to them a diet that most closely mimics their natural eating habits as they were in the wild. Through the use of 100% digestible food products, Primal Formulas offer the nutrients essential to life in a superior, bio-available composition. Through better digestion and superior assimilation of food derived nutrients, your pets will live happier, healthier and more vibrant lives.


Experts agree that quality pet nutrition enhances the quality and length of your pet’s life. You can be confident that you are giving your pet the best when you feed PRO PAC ®.

Red Barn

It started with an idea: why not develop a food that was actually good for your dog? After many months of research and development, the Redbarn Premium Rolled Food was born and as they say, “the rest is history”. The success of the food prompted many requests for treats. Always willing to oblige, Jeff and Howie set to work on the very first Redbarn Treat for Dogs. Over the years, Redbarn Dog Treats has grown into a full range of unique and delicious treats. –

Rocky Mountain Pet Products

Rocky Mountain Pet Products is located in Golden, Colorado. We package and sell elk antler products including dog chews and toys. Our green, organic and hypoallergenic products are:100% All Natural with No Additives, Made in the USA, Made Using Only Premium Elk Antlers. We use only naturally dropped antlers. No animals are harmed in any way.

Rogue River Dog Treats

100% USA Grown, USDA inspected, processed in oregon, applewood smoked, certified hormone, steroid and antibiotic free, no artificial colors, flavors or additives.

Savory Prime Pet Treats

We stock a variety of Savory Prime Rawhide Chews. Why? Because they’re “paw lickin’ good”!

Smokehouse Pet Products

Smokehouse Pet Products has been producing and supplying premium dog treats since 1991. All Smokehouse products are carefully cooked and prepared to preserve the natural flavors of beef, chicken, pork, lamb and turkey that dogs love so much. Our cooking processes are closely monitored to ensure consistent quality and product safety.


Sojos raw dog food mixes are made from scratch with whole food. It’s homemade, raw dog food, made easy. We offer a variety of grain-free options in our full line of all-natural pet food. Unlike kibble, Sojos raw pet food contains no fillers, no preservatives, and no artificial colors or flavors. Just simple, real ingredients like you’d find in your own kitchen.


SPORTMiX® Pet Foods. What you feed your dog or cat can make a big difference in its health and overall well-being. That’s why it’s important to choose a food that’s good for your pet and one with a taste he’ll love. SPORTMiX® Pet Foods deliver all that and more.

Stella and Chewy’s

Our commitment to quality starts with our ingredients. Every Stella & Chewy’s product is made with raw, naturally raised meat, poultry or fish, sourced from USDA-inspected facilities, without added hormones or antibiotics. Chewy’s Chicken Dinner, for example, contains raw, farm-raised chicken as well as organic cranberries, carrots, apples, spinach, broccoli, beets, squash and pumpkin seed. Just like all of our products, it’s made without grain, fillers, artificial preservatives or colorings. We didn’t even add sugar or salt! And every single ingredient we use is sourced from reputable suppliers.

Superior Farms

We provide the highest quality pet provisions sourced directly from our farms. All of our products are carefully selected from all natural ingredients and are great for your pet.

Taste of the Wild

Years of domestication have turned your pets from fierce predator to best friends. However, modern science proves that your dog or cat still share the DNA of the wolf or wild cat. Taste of the Wild® Brand Dog and Cat food offers your pet a diet dictated by his genes. It provides your pet with the kind of natural, balanced diet that he could find “in the wild.” Now you can satisfy your dog or cat’s instinctual cravings with Taste of the Wild.

Tiki Dog Food

Tiki Dog Gourmet Whole Food Brand Dog Food Kauai Luau is shredded chicken breast on brown rice topped with sweet potato, prawns, egg, garlic and kale prepared in lobster consommé for a low grain, gravy free, one percent carb meal. Complete and balanced diet for all life stages, feeding 2% of body weight per day to maintain weight. Great to feed solely or to supplement a dry food diet by adding the missing moisture and boosting the necessary protein and fat levels missing from kibble.


Tomlyn® is one of the only pet healthcare providers in the world that offers a complete line of scientifically developed products all based upon the finest veterinarian-approved formulas. For over 35 years we’ve been about the power of science and the love of pets. We draw on the scientific expertise of our parent company, Vétoquinol SA-the 10th largest veterinary pharmaceutical company in the world.


We are proud to serve you with products that contain good, naturally sourced, wholesome ingredients. You can rest easy knowing that our ingredients provide the healthy choices your family deserves. We have made it a point to show off our ingredients, their purpose and source in both our grooming products and treats.

Tucker’s Raw Pet Food

 We at Tucker’s Raw Frozen believe in providing only the finest and freshest food, supplements and treats for your dog. What we cannot see we will not sell. This is why all of our raw materials are human grade and only sourced from USDA facilities in the USA/Canada.

Vital Essentials Raw Pet Food

Carefully made from single-sourced, whole animal protein without cooking or over processing. Sourced, made, and packaged in the USA.

Wellness Brand Pet Foods

 Pets bring us joy and unconditional love. That’s why they deserve a diet of the highest quality. Wellness® Recipes are formulated with wholesome and natural ingredients plus a boost of super nutrients including antioxidants, omega fatty acids, prebiotics and probiotics. And we never use any artificial ingredients, colors, flavors or inexpensive poultry by-product meals. When expertly combined, the way that only Wellness can, the result is a natural pet food that truly delivers more.


We proudly present WeRuVa, a luxurious, natural pet food inspired by and named after our three rescued cats, Webster, Rudi and Vanessa. With our search for “The Best Pet Food Under the Sun” never seeming to end, we thought, “Lets give it a shot ourselves…” so we gathered the best ingredients from around the world, formulated some fantastic recipes and created it ourselves.


 Sportmix® Wholesomes™ Food for Dogs are available in four great flavors, Chicken Meal and Rice, With Lamb Meal & Rice, Fish Meal and Rice and Large Breed Chicken Meal and Rice. All formulas are made without corn, wheat or soy and are highly palatable and nutritionally complete for all life stages. Sportmix® Wholesomes™ formulas make the perfect food for your dog.

Van Ness

The Van Ness line includes over 40 different feeding and watering products, 15 different cat litter pans, pan liners and accessories.


 Whimzees treats come in fun shapes like alligator and hedgehog. They are made of 6 natural ingredients: potato starch, glycerin, powdered celluose, lecithin, malt extract and yeast.


 From our original Power Bones (think energy bars for dogs) to our Mini Naturals (ideal for training) and everything in between, each of our all-natural treats is created to serve a specific purpose.