• I have a 4 year old mixed breed dog with strange allergies. It's always a nightmare trying to find a kibble for her, and I always forget what I feed her. I'm keeping notes now! I went in this morning and a wonderful young woman helped me find a food. She walked me through a number of brands to find ones that fit my dog's diet. She spent at least 30 is not 40 minutes with me looking at ingredients. We are very lucky to have J&M Aquatics and their employees in Grand Junction!

    Lisa Leigh Kraft
  • I have had a variety of RESCUE creatures... from reptiles to guinea pigs... (dogs of course). These folks are informed & experiences. They have got great products for equal prices to Amazon. If I have any questions or concerns about any of the love children... there has always been someone present at this store to answer my questions and help me through whatever concerns I am dealing with. Another bonus is, I run into people shopping there... whom are highly informed, experienced & skill

    Staraleine Violet
  • We love to get our crickets here! I've also gotten lots of pet products, as well as a snake and hamster. The employees are always very helpful. Nick has been awesome - even engaging with my son and solving his rubick's cube in under a minute¬†

    Courtney DeJarnatt
  • Love this place!! Amazing people and products!

    Shelby Ealey
  • Love this place tim is super knowledgeable about most pets and just a great guy I liked j&m before i met him but i freaking love tim

    Jordan Dexter
  • Awesome service every time, awesome quality

    Brandy McCullough
  • This is where I go to get my dog treats or every so often a special dog toy. I used to get my fish there and snails parts for my fish tank. They are very knowledgeable

    Amanda Pacheco
  • jm aquatics and pet center images

    This a locally owned and operated store that stocks a large variety of pets. The largest selection being aquatics, saltwater and freshwater. It is a bright and clean store. I have always been greeted by friendly employees but there is room for improvement in their overall customer service.

    Gail White
  • jm aquatics and pet center images

    Helpful staff, answered all my questions, got my tank looking beautiful.

    Walter Dominguez
  • jm aquatics and pet center images

    I love J&M aquatic. They have very nice things and their service is fast and easy! Everyone is pretty easy to get along with, and if you are asking for advice on a product they will give it to you straight! I usually go to pet smart for everything, but lately Pets Smart might have been out smarted....

    Pet Care Cruz Soto
  • Pet Sitter

    Love this store, the staff is super friendly and knowledgable. I get all my pet supplies here every since another pet store gave us bad information that ended up killing one of our pets. The staff at J&M were awesome getting us headed in the right direction for our child's first pet!

    Rachel Lobato
  • jm aquatics and pet center images

    I love this place. The staff are super helpful and collectively possess personal experience and knowledge on a wide variety of animals. The service is quick, thorough, and the wait is minimal. The animals in stock range from fish to bunnies, bearded dragons to tarantulas and chinchillas. All are healthy and their habitats are clean.

    Cassie Jennings
  • jm aquatics and pet center images

    Today was my first time going in there, I was immediately greeted and directed to the chinchilla supplies. One of the employees came over and talked to me and she was super knowledgeable and helpful and informed me that if there was anything I wanted from their distributors to let them know so they could order it. Prices are better than Petco and Petsmart for the same item and a way better variety! Very excited to start shopping there and keep my money local. Thank you for the great experience!

    Leslie Hirt
  • Pet Sitter

    Friendly staff. They seem to know what's going on with stuff and descent prices

    Josh Vaughn